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Our mission is to provide the highest standard of patient care whilst incorporating a holistic approach toward diagnosis and management of illness.

We are committed to promoting health, wellbeing and disease prevention to all patients. We do not discriminate in the provision of excellent care and aim to treat all patients with dignity and respect.

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    Johnson Street Clinic Privacy Policy

    Johnson Street Clinic complies with the Health Privacy Principals as set out in the Health Records Act (Vic) 2001 and the National Privacy Principals as set out in the Privacy Act 1988. Please see our policy on how we manage information about you and how you may access that information by clicking the link

    Communication Policy

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    Results, Reports and Clinical Correspondence Policy

    Click below to see our policy and procedure on all communication and correspondence with Johnson Street Clinic

    Feedback and Complaints

    Customer satisfaction is important to us, so occasionally we will ask you to complete a short, confidential questionnaire. We have a suggestion box in our waiting room for your use to write your suggestions down. Please do not hesitate to tell us at any time if you are unhappy (or happy) and how our Practice could be improved

    If we do not resolve your complaint satisfactorily, please contact the

    Health Complaints Commissioner Phone: 1300 582 113 or hcc@hcc.vic.gov.au



    Fees are based on A.M.A. recommended fees. We ask that accounts be settled at the time of consultation.  For your convenience, EFTPOS is available, we also accept cash or cheque. Patients are responsible for all legal costs incurred in the recovery of bad debts.

    If you have an account query or require advice on medical fees, please contact our Practice Manager.


    We currently bulk bill most consultations who are a full pension holder and DVA beneficiaries. Routine childhood immunizations are bulk billed. Holders of health care cards are not routinely bulk billed.